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Womentorship is a support system which aims to inspire professional women through mentoring and networking opportunities with our experts and other users
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Behind the Wall !

Curated with passion and a feeling of empowerment
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Soumya Hundet

Social entrepreneur. Banker. Nature lover. Traveler. Coffeeholic. Inspired by the potential benefits of collaboration she created “Womentorship”
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Sangeeta Patel

Strategy Professional. Avid Traveler. Bibliophile. Foodie. Amateur trekker and painter. Passionate about mentoring and social work. Loves technology. Here to make a difference :).
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Vineeta Dabbiru

Head, Partnerships
Strategist. Loves Maths & Music. Enthusiastic traveller. Likes sketching and sporting activities. Believes in the power of networking – “we can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”. Here to be a Voice and not just an Echo
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Apeksha Mishra

Head, Content
Philosophy enthusiast. Karma believer. Grammar nazi. A passionate lexicomane. Instagram addict!

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