She Speaks…”Moonmoon Roy”

Moonmoon Roy, Deputy General Manager at Mahindra Partners, Human Resources shares with us her professional journey, her spiritual beliefs, and how she overcomes challenges at work place. We also asked her few fun questions. So, read on … and be inspired 🙂


Her professional journey…



If you were a movie character or sit-com character, who would it be and why?

I would be the panda from the movie Kungu FuPanda as my journey reflects the same qualities of finding inner peace and transforming to lead a wholesome life. I believe in stretching myself beyond what is stated and achieve results against all odds.

The tipping point in your journey

Although I have a background in HR, my mentor in Titan trusted me and gave me the opportunity to work in a cross functional role in fastrack. The role included creating brand identity, to building customer value proposition, merchandising, and nurturing franchisee. It gave me the belief that more that professional education it the belief in oneself that drives us to achieve great results

When have you been most satisfied in your life

When I have been able to conceptualise and execute projects which provide business connect and increase employee engagement. A testimony of this is Mindgames, which was quoted as one of the top 4 leadership accelerator program by people matters magazine.

Any particular time when you felt like giving up on your career

Never, but having said that there have been many challenging times and I have developed my own mechanism to deal with them. I believe in the power of visualisation and once I have a clear picture of the outcome I stay motivated to complete the task. All tough times can be compared with the feeling of motherhood when you see the baby smiling and realise all the pain was worth it.

Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader

Vimuktananda Sarawati, is my spiritual leader. He has helped me to channelize all my energy and believe in the power of universe. By focussing on oneself we can be master of our own destiny. He has also made me more centred as a person and now I strongly feel about giving back to the universe through my actions.

Your working style or how you kick ass

I believe in empathising and empowering my colleagues. I juggle to find the right balance between control and freedom and most of the times get it right. It’s wonderful to see what human mind is capable of doing once unleashed.

What is your superpower (something that sets you apart)

I am a spiritual person who believes that we are all a part of big cosmos. This belief has made me very positive about life

Your most challenging assignment and key learnings

Establishing Mahindra Partners as a centre of excellence and providing support to the different businesses we are incubating within Partners. Having a clear vision in mind always helps as it helped me to get leadership on-board with all the new initiatives. Establishing a clear roadmap, mapping milestones and following through all have been a great learning lesson

If you could speak to your younger self. What advice would you give yourself

Oh, there are so many things but the most important lesson has to be “live in the present”

What are the things you are passionate about

I am very passionate about giving back to the society. I also enjoy reading books on HR, Business and Marketing. I tend to reflect in my free time

How do you unwind

I like reading Rumi and meditating

Can women really have it all

Yes, definitely, we are great at multi-tasking. If you have the conviction in yourself you can do wonders.

Cheat-code for all the young aspiring women out there

Well, there’s no cheat code. Women should stop taking career as an alternative till marriage and be really committed to what they are doing. If you have the talent, conviction and grit any organisation will make way for you

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