Deepa Nandi’s Journey: ‘RaahGeer’

Our Womentor Ar. Deepa Nandi shares with us her story and presents all the ups and downs she went through in the process of getting ‘RaahGeer – an organization that conducts citywalks’ at this stage.

Motivation does come from the inside of a person, but sometimes we need some inspiration from an external source. It’s even better if it is a genuine conversation with somebody. So read on to know more about Deepa, RaahGeer and how her childhood influenced her to aspire for her dreams 😀

About Deepa

Deepa Nandi is an architect with an entrepreneurial mind who founded RaahGeer, an organization for citywalks. She has been working on a variety of projects ranging from nurturing budding Architects, conducting citywalks from making documentaries to taking measurable steps towards compulsive Child Education for the under-privileged. With the flair for reading and writing in her spare time you can find her sharing stories on her blogs or building innovative design ideas. She currently is stepping up her creative entrepreneurial skills and expanding RaahGeer to other parts of India.


Deepa: When I was a child I was like one of the curious cat’s straight out of  Dr. Seuss’s books. This was actually a dream I had, most of my time growing up. The whole notion of designing and constructing “things”, intrigued me a lot. I had a keen inclination towards exploring hidden diversities of culture, people, food, lifestyle, spaces, designs, all of which formed an interesting labyrinth in my mind of thoughts and thus observing and analysing became an inherent part of me.

Frequent visits in the bylanes and streets of Mumbai led me to share this architectural abundance with other like-minded enthusiasts and this is how RaahGeer evolved and moulded into the form of citywalks. We at RaahGeer conducted multiple city walks in Mumbai and have been able to attract people from varied backgrounds to join the  walks. Our participants include professionals from the British and the French Embassy’s  and the Gov. of India Authorities , Chefs, Artists, NGO’S , Architects, Teachers, Media, Corporates, Bankers, Writers, Entrepreneurs, Film-makers, travellers, Students, musicians & many more curious heads.

About RaahGeer: Our aim at RaahGeer is to create social awareness in people about the abundance and richness of their own city and build a sense of dignity and pride for the city  which has been neglected in this  fast busy urban set-up. I believe –  a city is fragile, we make the city and in turn the city makes you. Both of us are counter-reflections of each other. All it takes is love, care and sensitivity.

How I organize RaahGeer and workflow

As there is an immense pre-work that is done before any scheduled walk, for the most part, I sort of structure everything inside my hand-written diary, where I make notes, putting things in place. Currently we are a Team of five, two of them handle the entire marketing and operations, other two handle the administration department and the rest is ME  🙂

You can find other information about RaahGeer on our website – and facebook page  , insta account :





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