#ShareMyExperience with Prachi Sharma

She calls herself as a Utopian of a dash of realism. She is pretty, effective communicator and believes in the beauty of soul.

“We should listen to our heart, Most of the times it guides us in the right direction” is the motto of her life.

Prachi Sharma is a Brand Manager with India’s leading media conglomerate, Star India Pvt. Limited and manages the marketing activities of Life OK. Post working on 6 shows as a key marketing manager, now she has taken up the role of a Key Insights person who is involved in E2E concept evaluation, strategic planning and decision making. She is a business management graduate from IIM Bangalore and holds an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering which she pursued from University of Rajasthan, Kota.


She has always been an all-rounder and free thinker with her vivid literary and scholarly interests. She used to write poems, stories, anecdotes, and quotes and had been an active state level badminton player.


In marketing she has driven 3600 marketing for various shows, from cracking communication insights to making it alive on various medium be it TV, Cinema, UFO, Print Media, Digital platforms, Social Media, Radio, OOH, Outdoors, etc. In fact, she has handled it all for few reality and few fiction shows.


Now some fundae on life in general

For me Life is always a mystery, the more I tried to unravel it, the more it entangled me. But one thing has never changed. “I was a huge content lover and always had something or the other to keep myself occupied. Sometime it was a piece of music, which like an earworm got held in my ears or sometimes it was a book or a fictional character I have lost my heart to and sometimes, it was intricacies of relationship in a serious TV drama.” This worked in my favor in my professional life. I started my life as a Math student, lived the life of a civil engineer, seen the labyrinths of an IT firm and then took a detour to a content firm. Media is a business of ‘content -which people like, get inspired by’ and what is a better start than inspiring a billion imaginations through Star Group.  Sometimes your destiny takes you where you belong. I never found a single work day as boring. I was just having fun, and c’mon dude who gets paid to watch TV. Well here I am. I enjoy every bit of it. There is no dearth of challenges if you want to live your life on your own terms; challenges are part and parcel of our lives and who else better than a girl to sail through it. Hail, we can do it.


So girls, I believe we are fine creation of God; we are beautiful, creative, thoughtful and responsible. We are just adorable. I cherish being a girl and every aspect of it and am a strong endorser of our creativity and ability to connect the dots. What is the fun in life, if you can’t think like a girl. She is silly and smart at the same time. For her, every dream is possible, every height is attainable and once they put their mind on something they really work hard to make their way up. I have seen brilliant female performers in my industry. Through their depth of knowledge, they just walk and dazzle the boardrooms and I get inspired by them, their confidence, and sharpness and can instantly imagine all the hard work which gone behind being this way. Nothing comes easily, each of us has to work damn hard towards what we want and ofcourse we don’t shy away from doing the hard work and are worthy of every word of praise which comes along the way.


“Carpe Diem, Happy women’s day”!


Key takeways for somebody who wants to take up a career in media

Start attempting whatever you want to do with all your might !



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