5 Misconceptions about “Womentorship”

Misconception #1: I do NOT have enough work experience in my field, I cannot be a womentor.

Reply: Even if you have a year or two of work experience you still can give suggestions to someone who is relatively new in your field. If you have no work experience, you can still be a womentor and seek advice from others. Womentorship is a collaborative community which thrives on the idea of helping each other for career progression.

Misconception #2: I want to mentor others but I do NOT have the time for this

Reply: You can still contribute within your limitations. If you do not have the time to mentor others, you can contribute by sharing general articles about your sector/ work experience and others can benefit by reading your articles!!!

Misconception #3: I work with a reputed firm. I fear l I will be bombarded with requests from people seeking jobs in my firm.

Reply: Others can only interact with you if you accept their request. This ensures that you can choose your own mentees. However, if you have a job opening at your workplace and would want to share with other womentors, then you can do so by mentioning about the opening in the “Job Openings” group page. You can also give reference to relevant people to contact to for the job opening

Misconception #4: I can only feature in the list of “featured experts” if I am a hot-shot with a big company.

Reply: One can feature in the list of experts if they are willing to mentor others by guiding them, publishing articles etc. Though work experience is highly appreciated, but you do NOT have to be a hot shot

Misconception #5: I don’t need a job or admission to a college or any advice whatsoever. What can I do on Womentorship

Reply: You can build a network and interact with others. You might not need help today but you might need it in future. It’s good to build your network early on than to contact people out of nowhere when you need some help.

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