#ShareMyExperience with Pallavi

Ink is the purest of all Poisons, says Pallavi Rebbapragada, Journalist & Author ‘I am indeed amazed when I consider how weak my mind is and how prone to error.’ Rene Descartes, the author of this sentence isn’t speaking in the context of our varying ordinariness. He’s charmingly distant and was destined to live on as a[…]

#WomensWeek Special with Bharti Arora

“Make your choice adventurous stranger Strike the bell and bide the danger, Or wonder till it drives you mad, What would have followed if you had?” –  C.S Lewis Children in India get the right to exercise their choices quite late in their lives. Girls, in particular, even later. The saying, ‘we are all the product[…]

#ShareMyExperience with Subhashree Rath

As I was reading the article by Subhashree before publishing, the cliched quote came flashing in my mind,”Winners never quit and quitters never win”. Yes, surely, but success always comes the hard way in life !. Read a captivating story of her life in her very own words. (Subhashree Rath,an Engineer from CET, Bhubaneshwar &[…]

#ShareYourExperience with Vidhya Sridhar

Meet yet another inspiring lady, Vidhya Sridhar, who is passionate about her work and hobbies. Womentorship is glad to share Vidhya’s powerful story in her very own words :). “I completed my schooling from different parts of the country (and the world) since my parents had transferable jobs. I had an aptitude for Mathematics in[…]

Finding Passion in Food with Harshita D

Finding Passion in Food with Harshita Dabbiru, Co-Founder of Tasterinaa   Here’s a short and sweet narrative by Harshita Dabbiru about her passion in life and what she is doing about it !! Harshita is a successful IT professional specializing in software operations with around 9 years of experience in the IT industry. She is[…]

My Homi Mulla Experience

Paulomi Lodh, an XIMB and UCE Burla alumnus, is currently an HR professional with Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd., Pune. Her focus area is in Organizational Development Strategy and Performance Management. She recounts her Wow Moments from the Homi Mulla Relationship Management Program. A brief about Homi Mulla Relationship Management guru, Homi, is an accomplished consultant with over[…]

#She Speaks with Divya Parashar

  One of our womentors, Sangeeta, happened to read the article about Jaskaran Singh and thought of asking this lady to share her experience on this forum, as she does such awe-inspiring work. Dr. Divya Parashar is presently heading the Dept. of Rehabilitation Psychology, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, New Delhi Read her story as she narrates……….[…]

#ShareMyExperience with Payal Bangar

Our womentor @payalbangar shares with us her experience as Brand manager and what drives her about it. She also shares with us about her first two loves 😉 Writing and Travelling :D, What’s more she even co-authored a book World Wide Web Trap !!! Wow Thanks a ton @payalbangar for sharing your valuable experiences with us 🙂 The[…]