Finding Passion in Food with Harshita D

Finding Passion in Food with Harshita Dabbiru, Co-Founder of Tasterinaa



Here’s a short and sweet narrative by Harshita Dabbiru about her passion in life and what she is doing about it !!

Harshita is a successful IT professional specializing in software operations with around 9 years of experience in the IT industry. She is a Certified Scrum Master, an Agile evangelist and a team process coach. Academically, she holds a B.Tech Degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Orissa Engineering College and presently works as an IT Consultant with Barclays Technology Centre at Pune. But then, having been a foodie at heart, she turned herself from a “homechef” to the co-founder of a Home-made Food Delivery Chain named Tasterinaa (

As she reminisces her childhood days, she had always wanted to pursue Journalism as a career. However, being yet another victim of parental or societal pressure, she was driven to making a choice between becoming a Doctor or an Engineer. The flair of going for a degree in Mass Communication got subdued then. She went ahead with the flow and completed her graduation in Computer Science and joined Wipro and just after working for a year, she got married. Gradually afterwards, she started exploring her dreams.

She relocated to Singapore with her husband and worked there for a couple of years before coming back to India and settling down in Pune. At Pune, she joined Tieto as a Software Developer. Everything in life was in place but even then, she felt something missing in her life. She didn’t want to tread the usual path of marriage, kids and “settling down”. And as she says, “Happiness is not necessarily a function of milestones”. Since she had always been a foodie at heart, she realized the kick in her to take it up much more seriously. As she comfortably settled down with her new roles and responsibilities in Tieto, she actively started blogging about restaurants and her culinary trails. Her reviews about restaurants and cuisines over multiple websites gained popularity and she became an elite reviewer at Zomato. And this led to her getting invited to events like restaurant launches, tasting events, etc. She loved it and passionately took it up with the help of a few friends and founded Tasterinaa with a vision to get homely, delicious food delivered at doorstep. If you’re reading this and you’re a Puneite, you should definitely try Tasterinaa because they are brutally delicious 🙂 and give your reviews for sure.

It’s often easy to follow the much treaded path of ‘settling down’ in life. However she chose to understand herself and turned her dream into reality. Although it’s a struggle to juggle both her professional career in IT and Tasterinaa, she confesses that she loves what she has been doing. It’s her way of giving back to the society and she has been able to manage it all because of an amazing support system at home and friends. This journey of self-discovery has made her stronger and she has fallen in love with her life again. Infact, she wishes that one day, she would love to go on a culinary trip across the globe.

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