Finding the Balance with Khyati Rupani


Finding the right balance with Khyati Rupani, as she speaks about her story being the Founder & Chief Dietician at Balance Nutrition (

Balance Nutrition is an online weight loss and lifestyle management clinic. After having had around nine years of experience in the field of health, food and nutrition, Khyati decided to take the plunge. Having travelled widely, she loved to experiment with food and now strives to help people across the globe with their diet-related issues with the foods available locally.

Khyati is a Post Graduate in Clinical Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Service Management from IHMCTAN and B.Sc in Applied Nutrition from SNDT. She was the youngest Chief Dietician at Lilavati Hospital & authored a book ‘Getting rid of Obesity’ when she was just 23. She is on the panel of Early Childhood Association (ECA),,, & contributes regularly to leading magazines. She also lectures on nutrition with academies & institutes.
Her content and programming knowledge, combined with commitment to quality & service is the secret behind all successful clients at Balance Nutrition.

She is also a menu designer, blogger and recipe developer. She is 33 years old now and lives in Mumbai with her small family with husband and 7 year old daughter. She is one of the pioneers of health kitchens in the corporate sector. She has developed over 500 health recipes that are tasty and yet extremely healthy.

The story behind…… From her school days, she was quite attracted to food, nutrition and medicine. Becoming a dietician was a natural choice for her after graduation as she started practicing and coming up with different diets. The joy of seeing the effect it had on people was unparalleled. She went deep into consulting – set up cafes, helped corporates with menu planning and even set up a health kitchen. She used her nutrition and dietary knowledge in every possible way from diet planning to recipe menu designing.

She confesses that it was her passion that led to everything else and the business just grew out of it. She decided to start Balance Nutrition after shutting down her clinic due to child birth and thus she went about it online. After having a lovely baby, she gave up the corporate life and started working as an independent consultant to few companies. She found that the executives there were extremely busy to follow a text book diet chart and had many health disorders. This got her thinking that the traditional diet charts needs to be customized and a more practical approach shall have to be used. She started using a three-prong approach to solving this:

a.Diet Recommendation over Email – Since no one had the time to come for a consultation, hence began the emailing of the nutritional assessment sheet and preparing diets and emailing them. All details and recipes needed to be attached too.

b.Restaurant & Alcohol Guide – As no executive was ready to skip a board lunch meet :), hence she had to give options from the things available. The restaurant guide today has 36 cuisines from Chaats to Fine dining and can be used even when travelling globally.

c.Travel/Airport & Holiday Guide – On similar lines, she made a food guide for frequent travellers and those on a holiday.

So the entire base of balance nutrition started developing and the business grew in leaps and bounds. She is proud to have a very dedicated, focused and a hardworking team that is consistent day in day out with a client base of 6000 and member base of 38,000.

She has been able to achieve these numbers only because of the amazing support system back at home with a supportive spouse and in-laws. She has been able to follow and work on what she has been passionate about since childhood days. This gives her the utmost pleasure and satisfaction which is a function of the impact she is able to make in others lives.

Thanks Khyati for writing for Womentorship :).

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