MBA Diaries: Introduction to a 4-part series by Soumya Hundet

It has been a while since I posted something on Womentorship. Moving to a new country, completing my MBA, starting a new job, relocating cities, traveling and everything else in between took a toll over my schedule. Special thanks to everyone at Womentorship for keeping things alive and kickin’ while I was on a break 🙂

Now that I am back (and excitedly so), I have decided to share my experiences in a 4 part series. Hopefully, this particular series might help both women and men alike

Enough of the talking, let’s get straight to the point. So what’s the 4 part of series about?

Here is a preview, short and simple 🙂

MBA Diaries

  • PART 1/4: MBA Abroad? Second MBA? Things you should consider before deciding to take the big leap.
  • PART 2/4: How do I prepare for MBA admissions? GMAT, GRE, Essays, interviews and everything under the sky of MBA Admissions
  • PART 3/4: Life at Kellogg School of Management 🙂
  • PART 4/4: How is MBA experience different in Indian and American B-Schools.

Would love if you all can suggest if there is something else you would want to know in details.

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I would also conduct limited one-on-one for people who are interested in MBA abroad to address any individual concerns.


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