#ShareMyExperience with Apeksha Mishra

Apeksha Mishra, is among the rare ones who believe in creating their own destiny. Not bogged by the pressures of pursuing conventional careers, she has been able to follow a career that suits her well and has done incredibly well while doing so. Read on to know more about Apeksha Mishra and her journey in the media world.

Her story isn’t amongst the regular ones, nothing very obvious to have happened, in short it is tad bit different from the rest and being weird is also awesome she believes, till you chase your passion, till you believe in yourself, till you can make the world respect your decision. Yes that’s what makes a woman.

So let’s know what made this girl Apeksha and her passion so different. She belonged to a family of engineers & doctors. That alone had set high standards for her to crack the same but she very well knew what she wanted to pursue, what her passion was in reality. It was all a competition among mothers, children, students as to who cracked IIT, AIEEE etc name it and its there. She always knew it wouldn’t be an easy task to pursue her passion giving up this competition. So she studied for these entrance exams and cracked a seat in OJEE, got through a good college in Odisha, studied Mechanical Engineering. She did quite well in her course, was her branch representative.

But then on her freshers night, she was asked what she wanted to become few years down the line. She said, “I want to be someone who talks like Barkha Dutt, someone who knows her job, that Barkha who rules the media industry. I want to be a Journalist in the television industry, yes this is my passion and i will follow it”

Shocked all had tons of questions in the que, to which she answered all. One of the obvious ones being why engineering then. She answered that too convincing each mind that went crazy that evening. So life went on, she graduated with her B.Tech degree and a job in hand but more importantly a Masters seat in Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Pune. Wasn’t an easy task at all, she had semisters, Snap exam to prepare for, the GD and PI for the institute all in a short span of time. But she did it.

Currently she is working with the India Today group for the editorial content. The journey was amazing with several ups and downs, something to learn from, things to celebrate. Times Now, the channel was her 1st company that she got placed with and Mr. Arnab Goswami was the one who interviewed her. No matter what people say, she was in awe of his persona back then, it was her very 1st time in the media industry. She learnt a lot under him and his team, then God gave her a chance to believe in herself, she got an opportunity to anchor in her 2nd company i.e NewsX and now she is with India Today exploring all opportunities.

What is imperative here is being a girl, being a woman it is a must to know what your passion is, to blindly follow that, to encompass oneself with those thoughts alone so that when your mother is 90, you can still sign her a cheque worth any amount, also not just be a professional but you can inspire others with your story & this is possible only when you yourself are inspired with it. This girl has many options in this field now, she can even take up higher studies in the same abroad, opportunities are always there, learn to make use of them.

The entire narration is in 3rd person context as I didn’t want my readers to feel a sense of pompous, a braggart kinda attitude towards this girl Apeksha which is me. I hope i will be humble & helpful enough to inspire a few more minds. I would love to end my story with a saying that I always believe in.

“You educate a man, you educate a man, you educate a WOMAN, you educate a generation”


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