#ShareMyExperience with Payal Bangar

Our womentor @payalbangar shares with us her experience as Brand manager and what drives her about it. She also shares with us about her first two loves 😉 Writing and Travelling :D, What’s more she even co-authored a book World Wide Web Trap !!! Wow

Thanks a ton @payalbangar for sharing your valuable experiences with us 🙂

The serious corporate stuff!

I am currently the Brand manager for Haliborange, a kid’s vitamin supplement, in the UK and Ireland with Merck Consumer Healthcare based out of London. I finished my B.Tech from KIIT University and MBA in Marketing from IIM, Shillong. Among all domains, I was always passionate about marketing. This led me to a career in Brand Management and I have close to 4 years of work experience as a marketer across multiple industries and geographies. I started my career as a Brand Manager for USL-Diageo where I handled brand communications for India’s largest FMCG brand for 2 years. After that, I worked for a fashion brand- Quiksilver, Roxy, DC Shoes as a Marketing Manager with Reliance Brands Ltd. for 7 months.

What drives me to marketing?

The best thing I like about marketing is it’s so close to everyone around us. It’s a special feeling when you have created a brand, packaged it, designed it, given it a soul and finally it becomes a living brand that is touching the lives of so many consumers. It’s like nourishing a baby and it is a brilliant feeling to see your baby making waves in the market.

And having worked for branding different things right from alcohol to fashion apparel, surf boards to children’s food supplements, I was never restricted in my work about what the product should be.

My eternal love- Writing

While I was passionate about Marketing, I always had a strong fascination for story-telling since I was a child. I would look forward to narrating incidents in the most dramatic manner to my friends. My roommates in hostels supported me immensely too and they loved listening to my narrations of movie scripts, own cooked up stories, imaginary characters and stories about people in your life whom you love/hate;)

I have always been a day-dreamer with a vivid imagination. This imagination helped me discover my love for writing, which became an extension of story-telling. That’s how I co-authored my first novel, World Wide Web Trap. Ironically, it describes how marketing will affect and control our lives by 2049, even without us knowing it.

World Wide Web Trap has a hint of surreal drama, contemporary poetry, rational philosophy, virtual eroticism, unanswered questions and above all truth. The novel, set in 2049, is a tumultuous ride through the life of one ordinary man. A life shaped by forces around him which he doesn’t even realize, none of us realize. The novel describes the story of Gypsy, a former radio jockey, meets Radha, a prostitute with a degree in psychology, and they decide to play a simple game with each other. What happens next is literally life-changing for Gypsy.

The fun stuff

This brings me to my third love, when I am not writing or branding products, I am mostly travelling. This love blossomed because of the time I spent as a student in hostels in different parts of India. While I built a special set of friends from across the country, I soaked in their cultures and made friendships for life. Meeting people from different parts of India helped inspire me and collect what I call ‘samples of life’.  Travel helps me do much more of that, meet new people, experience new cultures, walk through new towns and much more. It infuses life into me again and I am charged up for marketing more innovatively and writing something fresh. I have just begun travelling extensively outside India and I think the most beautiful diary is an overused, overstamped, rugged passport!

Other than that, one of my favorite activity is sleeping because of the schizophrenic yet beautiful dreams I see and remember.

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