#ShareMyExperience with Shruti Hundet

Shruti Hundet is an engineer with a prestigious IT firm in Pune. Here she shares with us her funny experience of the backstage drama that happens during the auditions of beauty pageants. She also shares about the social work that she has done under the CSR initiatives of her company. We thank Shruti for writing to us and sharing her experiences

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Shruti: I was always been fascinated with the glamour industry. I remember during my 8th grade the teacher asked everyone as to what they aspire to be in life? Some said doctor.. Some Engineer..some nurse and the like, but when my turn came in , I stood up and said I want to be a model., I got a few uncomfortable stares, but the heart wants what it wants 😉

So those were the days…

Finally when I came to Pune I applied for this coveted pageant online and was called in for the audition like many others. Here is an account of the various rounds and what happens backstage.

Registration process: There is a lot of drama involved here better read carefully ;). So there is this height board on which everyone is measured. If you are below the 5’6″ mark you are asked to leave home immediately. Now some people can be very delusional when it comes to their height. I remember a few people claiming to be 5’9″ when they were actually measured it came out to be like 5’3″.Then there were rounds of crying, negotiations, blackmailing what not! Later on few people had to be thrown out by the security for creating havoc in the premises 😀

Then began the first round: So before going to the stage there is this girl from the pageant team who reviews every girl’s make up and clothing. And is famous for passing away snide remarks like are these the only pair of shorts you got?’, ‘omg you are fat’ ,’ did you forget to apply makeup’, ‘your clothes are tacky’ and the likes…Then whoever gets shortlisted in this round is asked to stay and the remaining people are shooed away, when I say that I mean it literally! The pageant people are very insensitive when it comes to breaking the news. They are like please don’t crowd the place, leave the premises immediately, we don’t want you standing here.

One round that particularly amused me was the cocktail round. It’s supposed to be a question answer round, and one might get a feeling that if they answer perfectly then they will win. But sadly that isn’t the case, the judges at this stage only look for a pretty face, even if that pretty face is dumb :p

As soon as winners are announced, I have seen people immediately acting like celebrities. Changing of facebook profile into fan page, posting pictures of every meal they take, every salon they visit, every coffee they sip, and what not!

After the regionals the final auditions take place, and all the people who get rejected at this semi-final stage get so disturbed that in their quest to get the crown they start participating in random pageants and posting pics with tiara, god help you!

Haha 😀 For me it was a fun experience and I wanted to try it once before I die (or get old) cause I believe we get one life and if you are really passionate about something then it’s worth giving a try. The only thing I feel is that one should not get discouraged and consider it as life’s end. You will still have life to live and bills to pay and as they say ‘life goes on’.

Share with us your social work experience that you have undertaken in the CSR initiatives of your company.

I am actively involved with the CSR initiatives at Principal. I particularly take part in initiatives that are women-centric. For instance, I am part of the Disha Foundation, which is an NGO to empower economically weaker women. Under Disha I have been instrumental in spreading computer literacy among women and helping them converse in English. Even such simple things can contribute and change an individual’s life to a large extent. I am also a part of Prerna, which is an initiative to enable, encourage and empower women within the company.

Apart from these things, I love shopping like most girls do and love to watch movies :D. I love animals and have had lot of pets while growing up. My life mantra is to keep it simple and enjoy each day as it comes 🙂

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