Su & Ta behind “Suta”


Suta is the most humble product we meet and live with every day. It means thread. Su- Sujata and Ta- Taniya were elated when they discovered the magic of the syllables in their names. It feels that it’s meant to be. Silly childhood game of selling bags made out of handkerchief suddenly started looking like a signal. Su and Ta always had a special liking for the countless and varied forms of art and culture across India. Even after spending many years in the corporate world, their passion never abated. Thus in 2015, fighting many odds, Suta was born.

Su and Ta?

Your very own Su and Ta are designers by choice and sheer passion. Sujata Biswas did her engineering from CET Bhubaneswar and MBA from IIFT Delhi. She then worked for 6 years across the Essar group and Jindal group. Taniya Biswas did her engineering from NIT Rourkela and MBA from IIM Lucknow. She worked for 3 years across the TATA group and IBM.

What is it all about?

The brand SUTA is a fresh design house that centers on creating a range of attire with a blend of tradition and contemporaneity. Suta’s crafted inspirations pay attention to details and the designs add elegance, boldness and grace. SUTA or thread, the basis of the brand’s inspiration is a reminder of the craft traditions of India. Like a pure creation that begins with a needle and thread, SUTA offers novelty each time it is experienced.

Suta is the maker of simple and humble designs using our very own and known fabrics to make our souls sing with joy. Artisans from all around the country create raw and uninhibited designs using their ancestral weaving processes. Suta talks to tradition and weaves its own creation. We salute their craftsmanship and are thankful to them for keeping this art alive. Suta products are just a token of representation of the innumerous souls who have touched the fabric. We aspire to keep the undying spirit of artistry alive.

Suta celebrates raw threads, traditional boldness and uninterrupted simplicity!

 What sets Suta apart?

That inexplicable thing that sets Ma’s food apart from even the top chefs of the world, that makes a girl feel more secure in her dad’s company than in the company of 10 trained commandos. We call it ‘love’.  The love Su and Ta have for each Suta product is what sets SUTA apart. Each design is unique and has an inspiration. The final product that you witness is dipped in love and that shows in the photographs which Ta clicks and mostly Su models.

Challenges?…Yes, there were……

Since both of us are engineers and MBAs, we are used to structured processes. But when we jumped into the entrepreneurship bandwagon, we realized it’s a messy jungle and if you want to sustain, you need to stay focused and extremely agile. Change is so fluid that if you don’t embrace it, you will perish. Starting from procuring raw materials, negotiating, meeting the artisans and understanding their stories, designing, doing photoshoots and putting forth the stories to uploading and managing the inventory- is a daunting task.  Amidst the chaos, your eye should never waiver off the path you have set for yourself.

Cheat-code for others 🙂

Amongst every emotion that one would experience, it’s love that will make one win hearts. So, just keep doing what you love. Sometimes, you need to step out of the lovely world you have created and think if this is what you would want your past to look like? If yes- everything is right, if no- you have got some additional task at hand to work on.

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