Summer Internship Opportunities – Engineering

Internship forms an integral part of one’s learning curve. Its crucial to choose the right type of internship to be able to understand whether or not to take it as a full time job. Hereby,I am putting down a bucket list of Summer Internship and Fellowship programmes for B.Tech students.

1)EPFL Fellowship for IIITA and IITs.
2)E4SI Fellowship –
3)DAAD Fellowship (WISE Program for Indian Students) –
4)IAS Summer Research Fellowship –
5)IIT Madras Summer Fellowship
6)SURGE-IIT Kanpur Summer Fellowhip
7)INAE Summer Reserach Fellowship
8)IIT Bombay Summer Research Fellowship
9)IIT Delhi Summer Research Fellowship
10)IIT Guuwahati Summer Research Fellowship
11)JNCASR Fellowship
11)VSRP -TIFR Summer Fellowship
12)JRF Fellowship
13)JWFTC-GE Summer Internship Programme
14)Google Women in Engineering Award for B.TEch CSE Students (girls)from 1st yr to 4th year
15)Google Internship in Software Engineering
16)Microsoft R&D Internship
17)TeamF1 Summer Internship- (Networking Company)
18)Research Internships in Science and Engineering for Indian Students in United States
19)IBM Research Labs (IRL)Summer Internship Program
Link for Internships –

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