Zibica #MyCreation

Soniya Agarwal, an interior designer by profession, crafter by choice and now an entrepreneur.

Co-founder at Zibica and a working mother :).

She specializes in corporate interior designing and has worked in this area for over five years. She has been pursuing her passion of paper crafting professionally through Growing Craft for around three years and now having created Zibica is like a dream come true for her.

Zibica is a market place for Indian artists and crafters to have their own store and sell their beautiful creation online. They launched the website in November 2015. She says, “Our USP is that Zibica is a marketplace platform for artists and crafters, focusing on handmade creations and ranging from décor to fashion, collectibles to utility. Also, the focus is on promoting women artists of India, so that they can become independent. Customers can also connect with us directly for any bulk and custom made orders. Initially, we are targeting tier 1 and tier 2 cities.”

Growing Craft made her realize that there is no proper platform for crafters like herself to showcase and sell their creative creations. That’s when she decided to launch a platform for this and Zibica started taking shape. It took them about four months to refine the idea and take it to a level when they could start implementing it. It was in November 2015 that they launched the website.

In what they have achieved so far, the biggest challenge was to get initial sellers on board. It is like a chicken and egg problem. If you have customers, multiple sellers will come, but customers will only come when you have products on your website.

In just about 5 months after the launch, they have been able to get more than 120 artists with 900 products online.  And indeed, this is a big achievement for Zibica, as someone told her that getting sellers on board would be a tough thing to achieve.

What they have implemented is not even 15% of her vision for Zibica. Presently, this is just a minimum viable product to test the waters. She says, “We have a long wish list of features that we want on the platform. It is going to be a slow process, but surely, it will be a steady one.”


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